Jun 15

Irish première and Helsinki Festival with Steve Reich

The Colin Currie Group returns to Dublin this month to open the 2015 KBC Great Music in Irish Houses Festival. On this occasion, the group will perform four scores by Steve Reich, including, once again, an Irish première – a new Reich work, Quartet, written specially for Colin and the musicians. A performance will take place in Trinity College’s Samuel Beckett Theatre, bound to generate excitement and attract a new generation of music lovers to Ireland’s longest-running chamber music festival.

The Colin Currie Group will then reunite mid August to play in Helsinki with Steve Reich himself, as well as being joined by the Avanti! Chamber Orchestra. The Helsinki Festival continues its tradition of showcasing the most important composers of our time, Reich, possibly more than anyone else, has influenced post-1950’s music art in the United States, alongside Philip Glass and Terry Riley creating a new, minimalistic and hypnotic soundscape getting it’s power from repetition.

Reich and the group take to the Musiikkitalo stage to perform his cult work Clapping Music. The evening continues with performances of key pieces of Reich’s work accompanied also by the Avanti! Chamber Orchestra. The concert will include Pendulum Music, the 1968 composition for microphones and speakers, and Radio Rewrite, a rearranged vision of Radiohead’s music from 2012.