Apr 16

“Flexible, changeable and enchanting”: Colin on Reich’s Music for 18 Musicians

“In May of this year, our ensemble will once again have the honour of performing Steve Reich’s Music for 18 Musicians. For many of us, and for a large number of Reich’s fans, this is the sacred centre piece of his unique musical grail. In performance, it is a living, breathing being – flexible, changeable and enchanting. Having always been utterly intoxicated by the work’s blissful sound world of percussion, pianos, strings, female voices and of course the sublime pair of clarinets (usually bass), playing the piece is to be a humble part of a transcendent collective. This musical organism, timeless yet somehow perfectly in tune with the present, will be shared once again at our London home of the Southbank Centre and in the eerie warmth of the Laurenskerk in Rotterdam. Do join these experiences if you can!” – Colin Currie

The Colin Currie Group brings Music for 18 Musicians to the Southbank Centre, London, on 24 May and to the Laurenskerk, Rotterdam, for two performances on 26 May.