Feb 17

“A Hallelujah chorus like no other”: Colin looks forward to performing Tehillim in Tokyo & London

“It is a great honour and a long-held ambition of the group to add Tehillim to our repertoire. This work stands out amongst Reich’s many notable masterpieces, as arguably his most melodic music, and we are delighted to be joined by our artistic partners at Synergy Vocals for the solo voices. The highly enticing line-up for us features an extensive top-to-bottom string section, woodwinds and keyboards, all spearheaded by a central percussion group, who play throughout the piece. The work’s conclusion is especially moving and uplifting – a Hallelujah chorus like no other, and a real roof-raiser! Don’t miss these concerts, as we embed this core work into our Steve Reich odyssey. ” – Colin Currie

The Colin Currie Group perform Tehillim for the first time in Tokyo on 1 and 2 March 2017, and at London’s Royal Festival Hall on 5 May.