Jan 20

Colin Currie Records’ third release chosen for Gramophone’s 2019 highlights

“… the Colin Currie Group harness rhythmic energy with expressive power on this live recording from Fondation Louis Vuitton. Joined by Synergy Vocals in a beautiful, haunting rendition of Proverb, it’s a recording that showcases Reich at his very best.” Gramophone, December 2019

Released on Colin Currie Records in April 2019, ‘Colin Currie & Steve Reich Live at Foundation Louis Vuitton’ has been named one of Gramophone’s favourite classical albums of the year. In the recording, Colin conducts the Colin Currie Group alongside Synergy Vocals in Proverb and performs with Steve Reich himself in Clapping Music.

As part of Andrew McGregor’s BBC Radio 3 Record Review programme, Katy Hamilton also praises the album, paying homage to Steve Reich and the Colin Currie Group’s long-standing collaborative relationship. This being only the second recording of Proverb, Hamilton draws particular attention to this piece:

“I think one of the things that I love here is the combination of colours. We’ve got female voices to start with, and then tenor textures which really bring us back to the very early Notre Dame polyphony, the kind of Peritas style that Reich loved, and then the percussion. It’s a wonderful combination.” Katy Hamilton, BBC Radio 3 Record Review, December 2019

‘Colin Currie & Steve Reich Live at Foundation Louis Vuitton’ is the third release on Colin Currie Records. For more information, including where to purchase the album, click here.