Feb 21

Colin Currie Quartet at the Polyphonic Concert Club

Colin Currie Quartet will appear in the Polyphonic Concert Club: a series of six online chamber performances, also featuring Jennifer Pike, I Fagiolini, Red Priest, Castalian String Quartet and Isata Kenneh-Mason.

The concert will be premiered on 18 March at 7:30pm and is available to watch on-demand until 29 April 2021. The hour-long programme was filmed and recorded at The Stoller Hall in Manchester. The programme contains four works from the UK and USA, including two pieces for vibraphones and marimbas, and Steve Reich’s Drumming Part I, which the quartet recorded as the debut release on Colin Currie Records. As co-commissioners of Dave Maric’s Nascent Forms, this performance represents the quartet’s UK premiere of the work. The full programme is as follows:

Joseph Pereira: Mallet Quartet
Andy Akiho: Pillar IV
Dave Maric: Nascent Forms
Steve Reich: Drumming [Part 1]

Season tickets are £95 for all six concerts, £25 for students and job-seekers and Universal Credit claimants.

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