Oct 21

“Steve Reich ‘Traveler’s Prayer’ Comes to Life in Amsterdam”

Our highly treasured world premiere by Steve Reich, ‘Traveler’s Prayer’ has finally come into this world, in concert at Amsterdam’s Concertgebouw and London’s Royal Festival Hall, to wrapt and enthused capacity audiences. We are elated!

Once again, it was glorious to be joined by Synergy Vocals, who give the music its uniquely dignified glow, and our own string section (led by Jonathan Morton) is wonderfully emancipated by this most noble and gently enthralling of scores.

It is utterly extraordinary to bear witness to a new and daring chapter in Reich’s unsurpassed oeuvre, as this work poignantly chimes down the centuries to haunting medieval antecedents, and yet is as fresh and as ‘new’ as could be.

The concerts were completed by Runner, Quartet, Tehillim and Music for 18 Musicians, and the air of jubilation as we once again took to the stage to pursue this music is a miraculous thrill to be part of.
Next stops for this premiere are Hamburg Elbphilharmonie and the Paris Philharmonie – the Group’s debut at that new venue.

We hope to see you there!!