Mar 24

Colin Currie Group performs at Festival Présences

Last month, The Colin Currie Group performed at the renowned Festival Présences at Radio France, Paris.

This year’s edition of the festival celebrated the music of Steve Reich, with whom the Group have a long-standing relationship. The Group performed Steve Reich Drumming, a work which they recorded on Colin Currie Records to critical acclaim in 2017. Currie then conducted the Group in the world premiere of Guillaume Connesson Kaléidoscope, commissioned by Radio France for this concert.

You can listen to a recording of the concert here

The composer explains that Kaléidoscope is inspired by experiences such as synaesthesia: “infinite combinations of light in continuous transformations are for me, curiously, a source of musical sensation… I sought a total fusion of timbres into a swirling and colourful sound object, where minimalist sound mixes with impressionist sound”.